Breckenridge, CO 2019

Après Ski (/ˌäprāˈskē/) - "the social activities and entertainment following a day's skiing." (Oxford Language)

But to our founder and our friends it means more. It also means tighter bonds, long lasting friendships, special moments and fun, unique experiences. It's the creation of unforgettable memories with the people we care about the most. The Après Ski clothing brand symbolizes all of that.

In the winter of 2019 a group of friends planned a ski trip to Colorado. The stress and urgency of real life and the physical distance among them (Miami, Boston, Sao Paulo, London, Santiago...) had made it impossible for them to meet more often, so this trip was a great opportunity for them to properly catch up and to enjoy some quality time together away from it all. They combined their common passion for winter sports and activities with a window of opportunity to take time off simultaneously and arranged everything. However, sometimes life throws a curveball and, at the last minute, an unexpected change of plans at work caused one of them to stay behind. The thing is the job didn't last. And sometimes that happens even to the most dedicated professionals. Jobs change. Demands change. Times change. But the friendships remain. And that's what we should cherish and work on at all times. 

Before going on that trip we had custom hoodies made to every member of the group to immortalize that moment. And what began as a fun, simple gesture ended up becoming more than that. It became something that connected all of them through the distance. They managed to still be together. It did it for that group then and still does it to this day. That unfortunate circumstance gave birth to a movement and to a new way of thinking. No longer would they put themselves in second place. No longer would they let themselves get lost in the chaos of life. They vouched to never let life pass them by. They would be the protagonists, not anyone else. That's how Après Ski was founded.

If that simple gesture of creating a piece of clothing that connected them meant that much for that group, maybe it could mean the same for others. And what is life if not a combination of what matters most: long lasting friendships, special moments and fun, unique experiences?

At Après Ski we choose to create unforgettable memories with the people we care about the most! That trip wasn't meant to be, that après ski was missed. But here's to the après skis that were and the ones yet to be!


Après Ski Team